WPH Lobby

In quest of its fair share of the burgeoning center city rental and sales market the leadership of William Penn House commissioned Friday to redesign the building’s 6,000 SF, uniquely configured lobby, which features entrances from three street frontages and the parking garage.

The building leadership had some specific goals for the renovation to achieve, including creating a fresher, more contemporary public image to attract younger residents and converting the long, uneventful walk from the main entrance to the elevators into a memorable experience. Bringing the Garden Room, an earlier improvement, into the life of the building was another priority of the client. The lobby was also to enable a seated gathering of at least 200 residents for general membership meetings and improve accessibility.

Friday implemented a number of changes to make these goals a reality, including replacing the existing carpet with porcelain tile flooring laid in a lively pattern and installing a skylight at the intersection of the Ranstead St entrance with the Lobby. Removing the enclosure around the Garden Room and installing a special ceiling integrated that space with the main portion of the Lobby.

The final design also replaced the awkward existing ramp with a new, ADA-compliant ramp that became integral element of the overall design. Planters, mirrors and a  “Phillyscape” mural were used to further promote the sense of new life and vitality.