Dickey Hall

Commissioned by the Department of General Services and Lincoln University, one of the nation’s first African-American universities, John Miller Dickey Hall is a 60,800sf, three story building housing Lincoln’s Social Science division and departments of mathematics and computer sciences.

By taking advantage of the sloping site, entrances on two levels were developed — one from the dormitory and student activity portion of the campus and the other providing direct access from other academic buildings.  Parking for 123 cars is located to minimize visual impact and integrate with the University’s master plan.  The building contains a 200-seat lecture hall, computer-equipped classrooms and tutorials, traditional classrooms, departmental and faculty offices, and computer and media centers.

Friday’s design of the facade employs African graphic motifs that emerge out of traditional collegiate gothic imagery, symbolizing the richness of Lincoln’s African-American history.  Indeed, as part of their approval, the State Art Commission stated, “The Commission commends your imaginative design and awareness of scale in so large a building on the campus.”

John Miller Dickey Hall received an Award for Design Excellence in 1991 from the Philadelphia Chapter AIA.