About Us



Friday Architects/Planners Inc. is architecture, interior design and planning office where projects are formed by the ideas of many people; clients, users, consultants and the community at large. We act as moderator, advisor and designer to guide the process. This has been our tradition for over 40 years. We serve civic, non-profit, community-based, educational, collegiate, institutional, sports, recreation and even residential clients.  Our projects are noted for being creative, cost effective and memorable.  Many Friday people are LEED certified and apply environmental and socially sensible attitudes toward every project in the office.

Friday’s collaborative studio culture embraces the sharing of ideas and has cultivated several generations of community service oriented Philadelphia architects.



Architecture is the navigation of people and ideas, materials and dollars. As architects; We are measured by the relationships we strike with each and how we introduce them to each other. We are artists of the combination of movement, space, enclosure, systems and materials. We understand and mix culture with history. We see opportunity in change but value the necessity for consistency. We are interested in people and how they live work and play and we are motivated to guide them to make what they do better. We’re Friday Architects; since 1970.


At the time of the firm’s founding, the word Friday was commonly used in popular culture as word to connote the everyman. The classic examples of this are the fictional Detective Joe Friday and the generic secretary Gal Friday. Daniel DeFoe assigned the same name to Robinson Crusoe’s trusted island sidekick. Under the umbrella of a non-personal common word name, Friday’s work becomes a true collaboration of its principals, staff, and even clients.