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CedarWorks Studio

Interior Hall

The Cedar Works is a 15,000 sq. foot reclaimed warehouse, located in the Cedar Park neighborhood of West Philadelphia, that has been renovated into a community-oriented work and meeting space.

In 2011, Mill Creek Design partnered with Friday Architects/Planners, Inc to masterplan and re-purpose the building as a community work and meeting space.  Major design objectives were to solve the complex code and egress issues of the land-locked mid-block site and to preserve and amplify original and character defining features of the building.

WPH Lobby


In quest of its fair share of the burgeoning center city rental and sales market the leadership of William Penn House commissioned Friday to redesign the building’s 6,000 SF, uniquely configured lobby, which features entrances from three street frontages and the parking garage.

The building leadership had some specific goals for the renovation to achieve, including creating a fresher, more contemporary public image to attract younger residents and converting the long, uneventful walk from the main entrance to the elevators into a memorable experience. Bringing the Garden Room, an earlier improvement, into the life of the building was another priority of the client. The lobby was also to enable a seated gathering of at least 200 residents for general membership meetings and improve accessibility.

Friday implemented a number of changes to make these goals a reality, including replacing the existing carpet with porcelain tile flooring laid in a lively pattern and installing a skylight at the intersection of the Ranstead St entrance with the Lobby. Removing the enclosure around the Garden Room and installing a special ceiling integrated that space with the main portion of the Lobby.

The final design also replaced the awkward existing ramp with a new, ADA-compliant ramp that became integral element of the overall design. Planters, mirrors and a  “Phillyscape” mural were used to further promote the sense of new life and vitality.

U Penn DRL


Friday has been retained by the University of Pennsylvania to plan a variety of interesting improvements to the massive David Rittenhouse Laboratory Building that occupies nearly an entire city block.  The University has asked Friday to prepare “interventions” around the building that would improve the public spaces and encourage more social activity in the building.  The existing system of corridors and stairs are difficult for new visitors to navigate.  Friday has developed concepts for new large scale graphic signage throughout the building as well as micro-lounges carved from under-used classroom space.  The signage employs patterns derived from the architecture of the building and abstractions symbolic of the departments housed within.

Solutions for Progress


Friday was commissioned to develop a flexible and unique office space in two floors of a building on south Broad Street in Philadelphia for an unconventional and progressive public policy consultant, Solutions for Progress.

The scheme that emerged from Friday’s dialogue with the client was a flexible office plan totalling over 11,500 sf and consisting of breakout spaces for individual project team meetings, a training room with operable partition for different sized training sessions, general open office space, a new communicating stair & sky-lit atrium connecting the two previously isolated floors, and a new double-height ground floor entrance lobby/gallery.

Unique features of the office include picture rail molding to allow for flexible display of the owner’s large collection of original prints and artwork, an aerogel-insulated fiberglass panel skylight, one of the first of its kind in Pennsylvania, and exterior aluminium sunshades on the south face of the building to provide seasonal sun control.



Friday was retained by the Gloucester County Community Church to plan renovations to their social hall to “re-purpose” it as a flexible meeting space, lounge and worship space.

Our design transforms the fairly bland 3200 square foot space into various large and small seating areas.  The project also includes new lighting, ceiling treatments to improve acoustics and new HVAC upgrades.

The main feature of the design is a cascade coil curtain which can be extended to define a semi-private, circular area within the larger space.  With the curtain open, the room can be used for larger functions and even worship services.  The design provides two raised seating platforms, one of which functions as an informal stage, as needed.

Bachelors Barge


In the Fall of 2008, Bachelor’s Barge Club along Philadelphia’s historic Boathouse Row entered into a lease agreement with Drexel University.  The lease provides Drexel with a prestigious address for their growing men’s and women’s crew programs as well as a ceremonial home base along the water.

In that regard, Bachelor’s retained Friday Architects/Planners, Inc to design renovations to their Scull & Sweep Room.  The room had last been renovated in the early 1980’s, and much of the original character of the room was gone.  Friday proposed a major structural change to the building in order to create one large reception room from what had been two.

This proposal was very well received by the Bachelor’s leadership and served to create a more functional use of the existing space.  Our design includes a long wall for trophies and other Bachelors’s and Drexel lore.  It also includes all new interior finishes, wainscot, built-in benches and a formal bar.  The bar is designed with casters so it can be moved around the space into different configurations.  Work was completed in the Summer of 2009.


String Theory Charter School

Dance Studio

Friday Architects worked with String Theory Schools to develop renovations to an existing 230,000 former office building into a new Performing Arts High School.  We prepared bidding drawings for an initial phase of work to accommodate 400 students in just six weeks.  Our design cut new stairs down through the entire building and provided a new “public” stair in the lobby.  The completed project houses classrooms, science labs, dance studios, music studios, offices, cafeterias, a media center and a 200 seat studio theater.